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Left Handed Guitar Players

Left handed guitar players face a dilemma because they live in a right handed world. If at all possible it would be best for a lefty to play as a right handed player. You would have a broader selection of guitars at more reasonable prices. Although price may not be too big of a factor.

Playing like a right-hander would make it easier to learn although there are plenty of materials for lefties including chord charts. Your dominate hand is stronger for strumming and finger picking.

My son in law John is a hard core lefty. When we went shopping for a left-handed guitar we found a shop that would change the strings, nut and bridge for free if he would buy a guitar from them. The problem is that guitars are built with more support where the lower strings cause more tension and it is not good to reverse the strings. Eventually, the guitar will warp. Acoustics are built to sound better with the strings in a normal position. It is better to buy a left handed guitar.

In my opinion, this would be best because a right-hander would be a mirror image to the lefty as opposed to just flipping the guitar over and playing with the high strings on top. The advantage to flipping it over is that there are more guitars available. But finger style would be difficult as the thumb is used for keeping a solid base. There are chord charts available for playing left handed with the guitar flipped over.

Companies That Make Reasonably Priced Guitars for Lefties

( also righties )
1. Washburn
5.Oscar Schmidt

Playing Left Handed


Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was arguably one of the best of all time in his genre. His father tried to make him play right handed because he thought left handed was of the devil.
Jimmi would appease his father and play right but would flip the guitar over when he could. He also played with the strings reversed. It is no wonder he could play anything, because he was so adaptable no matter, left, right or restrung.
He wrote with his right hand.

Paul McCartney

Paul had bought a new guitar and struggled to play it. As a right-hander he found it difficult for his right and left hands to perform the tasks that were needed to play. His right hand was not strong enough for picking and strumming and his left not able to do the intricate fingering that is needed.
He was right handed in everything else but discovered he was a left-handed guitar player.
Paul was shown in a film as playing right handed and that played a role in the myth that he was dead.

Albert King

Albert King a blues legend in his own right was an upside down leftie. He did everything in reverse. He also used open tunings and pulled the strings for bends instead of pushing them. He developed his own style because of doing everything in reverse.
Pulling the strings is a more natural technique than pushing for bends.

Famous Lefties That Played Right

1.Michael Bloomfield
2.Mark Knopfler
3.Duane Allman

Playin guitar left handed

4.Danny Gatton
5.Gary Moore
6.Noel Gallager


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