Good Guitar Habits

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Good Guitar Habits

When learning the guitar, it is important  to have good habits. Bad habits are hard to break. Good posture, sitting or standing helps to access the guitar and will help you learn to play clean.

When starting to play, keep the wrist down so that your fingers can touch only one string. There are many techniques that require the hand to be in different positions which I will cover latter. Play each string to get a clean sound. If it’s not clean find out which finger is touching and correct it. As a starter you may want to just use two, three or four strings and use partial chords, small chords, power chords as they are called. You don’t have to play  all the strings. I will teach tuning a guitar and how to tune open D tuning. Which I found to be fun when I started and still use.

Steel string guitars will hurt your fingers until you build callouses. If you play some every day it should take about a week to develop them.

Starting your practice with some finger exercises will help you to limber up and help you to be more fluid and accurate when you play. Developing a practice regimen based on your current goals gives you a structure as you learn. Devote a certain amount of time on each thing (such as chords, barre chords, scales, particular songs) that you are working on.
Keeping a journal will help you to see your progress when you feel that there is not much improvement.
If you are capable of recording your practice sessions or periodically record some of the music you are playing you will be able to see how you are progressing.

Having a structure or system is important for learning but there is also something to be said for picking up your guitar on the fly. With busy schedules, it is hard to spend a lot of time on something, even when we want to learn and have fun playing guitar.
If you keep your guitar handy on a stand or wall hanger it will be easy to access. The more you play the better, and I find I gain a lot by just picking it up for 10 or 20 minutes at a time. If you do this several times a day the practice adds up. You may find that time slips away when you zone out. Guitar stands can be purchased for as little as $20. I prefer one that has a clasp that prevents spills.

On line lessons

Below is an online guitar lesson site that I highly recommend. They offer free instruction but for a reasonable price you can get more extensive lessons.


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