How To Learn Guitar

Easiest way to learn guitar

black-satin-acoustic-guitarI would like to help those interested in how to learn guitar to get started in a way that is affordable and enjoyable. There are misconceptions about becoming a guitar player that stop many from attempting to learn. I believe many would like to enjoy creating musical art. If you ever saw the movie “August Rush” you will remember the young man just started making sounds.

Some misconceptions on learning guitar

  • It’s too expensive for the guitar and lessons
  • You have to read music and study theory
  • It takes too much time
  • I’ve never played a musical instrument

I will help you find a guitar for under $200. The more you can spend the better sound quality but there are inexpensive guitars that are good enough to enjoy and to start the learning process.
Here is an affordable solid spruce top acoustic for under $200.

If you learn the chords in a 1 4 5 progression, in groups of 3 chords so that you can change between them you will be able to sing songs in a short time. As you start with a 3 chord group you will be learning chords that interchange with other 3 chord groups. Learn to place your fingers down on a chord at the same time and test the strings for a clean sound. This will help you develop muscle memory.

Easiest keys for guitar: To find chord diagrams:

1 2 3 4 5
A……..D E7
G……..C D7 guitar-chord-charts
E……..A B7
C……..F G7
D……..G A7

For a lesson in the key of “E” check my “Acoustic blues guitar” page.


Here is a lesson in the key of “A”



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