Acoustic Guitar review

guitar fella review         A recommended site for acoustic electric guitar reviews

Guitar fella is an awesome site for all guitarists and very good for beginners. There is
a wealth of knowledge from acoustic and electric guitars to on line lesson reviews.

They also offer tips on equipment,strings and tools. They offer a free ” how to buy your
first guitar” book that is a down load.

When buying an acoustic guitar I would as a general rule stay above $100. If your budget
allows it would be good to go to $300. I bought a Kona, new at a Pawn shop for $100.
I just wanted something to take in my truck, that I didn’t have to worry about. It was very playable and was still as good as new after 2 years in my truck.

One should always look for a solid wood top,  preferably spruce or cedar. The top is what vibrates  and makes the sound.The smaller the grain the better.
When reading a review of an acoustic if they just say the name of the tone wood it is most likely laminated.Because solid wood is sought after they will mention solid spruce top.

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