Best Way to learn guitar

The purpose at Martstervt is to help those that would like to learn to play guitar an easy and inexpensive way to learn. With the cost of equipment and expensive lessons, many have spent large amounts of money only “to walk away frustrated”.
This is the quickest way to learn to play guitar and have fun doing it. There are many guitar makers that offer inexpensive guitars that are very playable and good to learn with.

The Easiest Way to Learn Guitar

If you need a guitar check this page and subpages

You can begin to learn on an “acoustic” or “electric” guitar both have advantages. I will concentrate more on “acoustic” because it is more difficult, easier for quick access, and an easier adjustment going from acoustic to electric than the other way around.
There is also information relevant to experienced guitar players. There are online programs
that offer lessons from beginner to advanced that I will promote.

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Welcome to “Best way to Learn the Guitar”  Martstervt and please make yourself at home
There is information to help you get started on your guitar journey.

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that is near the bottom of my Theory and Technique page.

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